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The Prosaix team prides itself on delivering real and robust solutions, via our unique blend of technology-based products and needs-based services. By tailoring our advanced technologies to your needs, Prosaix delivers custom solutions that work - now, tomorrow - and through those business changes that create new opportunities for you.
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Website Analysis, Design, and Improvement!
Website effectiveness is our only focus: we provide the only complete -- and guaranteed -- solution to improving your web site ROI, sales and success.  Our Integrated Site & Search Engine Optimization (ISSEO) delivers - to both bring you more traffic and to turn that traffic into success.

ISSEO/Site: Website Effectiveness Improvement and Optimization
Whatever the purpose of your site, Prosaix can make it more effective.  Technology used to optimize and design sites for FedEx, Marriott Hotels, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, and many others can now be used to improve the content and architecture of your site. Some typical improvements we've achieved:

  • 22% improvement in clickthrus to a new product being offer by a Fortune 500 company on their site

  • 12% improvement in enrollment in a customer rewards program for a Fortune 500 company

  • 17% improvement in program enrollment for a startup company

The Prosaix proprietary process and technology focuses on making your website's messages and architecture effective in achieving your goals, and can be scaled from a minor facelift to a major redesign.

And best of all,  it's so effective and predictable, we guarantee results: if you don't achieve the expected gains, we refund your money!
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ISSEO/Search: Search Engine Optimization & Effectiveness Improvement
Improving your hits from the various search engines is a most effective way to increase traffic to your site.  While there is no actual "magic formula to get in the top 10", there are almost always things that Prosaix can do to make you make you more visible in the search engines.  We use proprietary techniques to increase your average ranking  - and increase the chances that potential customers will click on your entry in the search results.
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ISSEO/Site: Technology and Process Overview

ISSEO/Site is a set of tools and an integrated process for designing measurably more effective websites, and for improving the effectiveness of existing websites.  The tools and process leverage both tour  "best practices" over many Fortune 1000 clients, and the plethora of data gathered by web servers.  

ISSEO/Site's main focus is on providing an objective basis for design improvements: it provides both analytical components that identify problem areas, and evaluation components that can evaluate proposed solutions.

ISSEO/Site's power derives from using models for both the analysis of website content and of many users' interactions with the site (via site logs).  By using models of how the user makes a purchase decision, we can translate raw data back to sales-meaningful terms, and then use sales-focused techniques to drive a synthesis of changes to improve any site.

While ISSEO/Site can provide maximum value in the case of the redesign of an existing site, where both site log data and the site itself can be incorporated into the analysis, it is also very effective in the design of completely new sites.  ISSEO/Site requires only that the client have clear ideas of their site purpose, and why visitors might come to the site to capture and incorporate those ideas into an effective initial site design.






ISSEO/Search:   Serious Search Engine Optimization

ISSEO/Search goes far beyond simplistic optimization for a few keywords/phrases.   Automated tools allow Prosaix to deal - and optimize - for a much larger universe of words and phrases that users might use to search for you content.   In conjunction with our ISSEO/Site methodology, this allows us to provide an integrated design that has no risk of being rejected as spam by search engines:  it works with the search engines to help them deliver relevant content to searches, rather than using tricks to temporarily promote a site.